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Man arrested for trying to break into Taylor Swift's New York City apartment!

A man has been arrested for allegedly trying to break into Taylor Swift's New York City apartment.

Police received a call about a "disorderly person" on the 'Anti-Hero' hitmaker's street in the Tribeca area, with onlookers confirming the alleged stalker had been trying to get into the 34-year-old star's home.

A NYPD spokesperson told the New York Post newspaper's Page Six: “Upon arrival, [police] were informed that the individual attempted to open a door to a building at the location."

An onlooker added: “I first saw him around 1 pm — he went up to Taylor’s door. Taylor Swift's alleged stalker.

The onlooker claimed to have seen the man scouring the neighbourhood "for a few weeks", while another local resident told the outlet they have seen the same man "lurking here for a month".

They added: "[He has been] sleeping on the stoop, chain-smoking constantly, shouting, and generally making everyone uncomfortable.

“When he arrived before Christmas, my husband asked what he was doing here and he said, ‘I want to see Taylor.' He even had flowers at one point.”

The neighbour said they had called the police "many times" but cops didn't do anything until the man actually tried to get into the building on Saturday (20.01.24).

They added: “I asked him to leave this morning and he just stared at me, catatonic."

Cops spoke to the man for "a few minutes before they cuffed him"

The first source added: “It was all pretty civil. He didn’t resist. There was no yelling or anything.”

Police explained they had taken the suspect into custody because there was an unrelated warrant out for his arrest.

It is unclear if Taylor was at home at the time but one source said they had seen three of her bodyguards hanging around the apartment hours before the man arrived.

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