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Oscars taken over by Ken and Cillian, with glamorous Barbie-land smiling in a ripped dress.

If you watched the Oscars on Sunday night, you probably had a lot of fun. We certainly did. The ceremony delivered on its promise of glamour, competitive tension over the golden statuette and punchy, border-line jokes which only show business can stomach.

However, the nominations were already indicative of the tone of the ceremony. With Greta Gerwig clearly ignored as director, and Margot Robbie as an actress, you could have already sensed Barbie is labelled to be the Box-office and feel-good hit - and not to be treated seriously by the Academy, or by the industry.

As the night progressed, it was only until "What Was I made For" that could have kept women's hopes high that this years Oscars might shed some light on feminism. Very quickly it became all about men - with Robert Downey Jr victoriously accepting Supporting Actor Oscar (and thanking his terrible childhood), followed by Ryan Gosling's sparkling pink performance...

In the moment, let's be honest, we all danced and sang along to I'm JUST KEN. I did!

... But as the glitter from the Oscars was brushed off, I took a closer look at the 165 KENS on stage and something slowly dawned on me... this is all about MEN. The next layer of disbelief fell down when I realised Ryan's full set up (including the choreography,dancers' ties, EVERYTHING) was a 1-1 rip off of the famous Marilyne Monroe scene from 'Diamonds are a Girls Best Friends'.

How did a movie about women, with a spotlight on women, directed by a woman, end up giving centre stage to only MEN, and MEN dressed as Marilyn Monroe? Where is this going...?

It is sometimes sad to see that although Hollywood is getting more inclusive, there is SO MUCH still to be done. We all love women (I am a woman), but somehow I can't help to think that power, so often associated with men, still enjoys an allure that no dress can match.

Cillian's name was finally called for Best Actor, and his dedication of the award to the peacemakers everywhere was a truly Oscar-worthy moment. "We made a movie about the man who made the atomic bomb, and for better or for worse, we are all living in Oppenheimer's world" - said Cillian in his acceptance speech. At least this Irish man had the decency to pick up the theme of the movie which carried him to the top and twist it in the right direction.

Pity the same didn't happen to Barbie.

Instead, another 'Barbie', Emma Stone, picked up her Oscar in a dress that ripped during 'I'm just Ken'. How strangely poetic, and yes, I felt the same way too - that the glamorous robe of Hollywood ripped a bit under the thunderous applause of men, for men and by men.

We live to see another Oscar ceremony!

Jimmy Kimmel was funny, slightly borderline at times, but overall carried the ceremony with a levelled- head. He hilariously read out a Tweet from Trump, ripping him to shreds, in front of and to the delight of the entire Dolby theatre.

Mr Trump, you may make your way back to the White House, but I don't think you'll find your way back to the Yellow Brick Road any time soon.

And the Oscar goes to... Ken.

Thank you for reading,

Kate Margo

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