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Ariana Grande's new album is coming in 2024!

Ariana Grande's 7th studio album is reportedly completed and waiting for a 2024 release date. The 30-year-old mega star has taken a few years off music, to her fans dismay. Ariana had good reasons to do so, as she was filming the upcoming Wicked movie (can't wait!) and developing her thriving make-up brand R.E.M. beauty. And what with her recent divorce from Dalton Gomez, the girl had a lot on her plate!

However, the time has finally come and fans are seeing clues all over indicating Ariana's been busy in studio. Max Martin, arguably one of the most famous producers in the world, has recently posted a video of Ariana wrapped up in blankets, seemingly drained after an exciting recording session, asking her to "describe the feeling she's experiencing now". It must have been one good record that the pair has mixed up!

Max Martin and Ariana Grande in studio

Fans have good reasons to speculate on the album artwork too, with Ariana's Instagram posts including a bold red lipstick graphic and other cryptic muted videos from her time in studio.

Ariana, we simply can't wait, but for now, we'll keep on breathing and breathing and breathing!

Watch Ariana's post here:

Written by Kate Margo

for iCelebrity News

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