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Emily Ratajkowski SPEAKS OUT on motherhood and 'Blurred Lines' sexual allegations in new book 'My Body'

Emily Ratajkowski feels motherhood and her book are her two greatest achievements. However, in her new book ‘My Body’, she reminisces on going topless on the Blurred Lines video and puts 'choice feminism’ under discussion. 

The ‘Gone Girl’ actress, 32, has been bringing up her son Sylvester as a single mum after having him nearly three years ago with her film producer & former husband Sebastian Bear-McClard – who is rumoured to have cheated on her and is also currently facing allegations of sexual misconduct.

In her book, Emily referrs to her claim against singer Robin, 46, who allegedly molested her by groping her naked chest on the ‘Blurred Lines’ set in front of the crew and director. 

She wrote in ‘My Body’: “It never occurred to me that women who got their power from beauty were indebted to the men whose desire granted them that power in the first place. Those men were the ones in control, not the women the world fawned over.”

Emily’s critics have said she preaches “empty” feminism and empowerment as she continues to objectify herself in her modelling shoots and social media posts.

Emily added to Glamour: “The book is chartering my kind of re-evaluation of choice feminism. And the idea of getting power through a system that is totally rigged.”

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Written by Kate Margo @iCelebrityNews

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