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Usher's Super Bowl performance 'has to be perfect'

Usher's Super Bowl performance "has to be perfect".

The 45-year-old star is set to perform the Super Bowl Halftime Show at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas on February 11, and Usher is determined to deliver a memorable performance for his fans.

The chart-topping star told Vogue: "It has to be perfect. I’ve been doing this for 30 years. I want people who have been a part of that journey to feel like it’s a celebration for everybody, for all of us, from the beginning up until this point."

Usher also revealed that he wants fans to feel "hopeful" after watching his performance.

He shared: "People will tune in for a football game, but I hope when they look at that halftime performance, I’m hoping they walk away with something that’s healing them.

"Something that makes them feel hopeful, and not just look at the past, but have hope for the future, and have hope for a different type of future than we’re looking at right now in the present."

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